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Who We Are

Peking University Institute of Ocean Research (PKUIOR) focuses on the study of marine science, marine engineering, and humanities & social marine sciences based on the strength of fundamental research and the advantages in multi-disciplinary subjects at Peking University. We aim to build an international ocean cross-disciplinary research platform related to deep sea research. The institute is also dedicated on education, and we wish to train our graduates to become future leading scientists in global marine science.

Fields of Recruitment

Marine Science

-Fundamental research in marine sciences

-Ocean life science, chemistry and natural resources

-Marine ecology

-Marine environmental science

Marine Engineering

-Marine platform/instrumentation, and ocean engineering

-Underwater robotics

-Advanced design, fabrication, and manufacturing

What We Can Offer

-World-class working environment & Attractive research funding

-Competitive salary

-Benefits from Peking University & Extra compensation from the institute


The qualified applicants must have a Ph.D. degree in the related fields.

Chief Scientists (full time or part time)

-Professors or with equivalent positions in top universities or research institutes

-CAS or CAE Academicians

Scientists/Researchers (full time)

-Associate professors or with equivalent positions in top universities or research institutes

-Winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars

-Scholars of the Thousand Talents Program

-Scholars of the NNSF Thousand Youth Talents Program

-Scholars of the CAS Hundred Talents Program

-Scientists and researchers of the equivalent level

Postdoctoral Fellow (full time)

-Graduated from top universities and research institutes

-Prove capacity and potential, with a good track record in the related fields

Kindly forward your resume to Ms. Wang, PKU Institute of Ocean Research

Email: pkuocean@pku.edu.cn



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